Gleeks will understand…

That awkward moment you’re walking with friends, spot a car with a plate that says “GKM xxx”, smile that ‘my mind is so in the gutter’ smile then realize so is your other friend and you both stop smiling upon eye contact.

True story.


When things don't quite go as you hoped

  • A random fandom: But why?
  • Their random writers: Why? Because fuck you, that's why.

…and it gets me through the day

The Glee TV show is an art form and a creative expression of the writers, directors and cast. It’s a visual representation of a story…

Fanfiction too is an art form. It’s also a creative expression of the people who write them. It’s also a story.

The difference is that:

  • the TV show earns the suits millions and millions of dollars
  • the fanfiction authors get a virtual hug or pat on the back(and sometimes virtual baked goods)
  • the TV show gives you an ulcer/aneurysm
  • the fanfiction gives you what you want
  • the TV writers troll you
  • the fanfiction authors understand you

You say fanfiction is not canon, but that’s like telling Gregory Maguire his book Wicked is not canon. But you won’t tell him that because getting published internationally and getting a shitload of money makes him legit. It’s like telling game developers to stop making Alice in Wonderland games cuz really they don’t follow the books. And it’s like telling movie studios that their film adaptations of different kinds of media is not canon, but you won’t tell them that either(cuz let it not be said that Alan Rickman isn’t Severus Snape).

So don’t talk to me about canon and non-canon, bitch!

this is me bracing myself for the emotional bloodbath that will ‘on my way’ and hopefully healing/finding solace through fanfiction