Just Ryan Murphy…


They're starting to get it

  • [Talking to a straight-non glee obsessed-but regular glee viewer-Finchel tolerant-not aware of Faberry-thinks I'm straight-friend]
  • Friend: Hey
  • Me: Hi
  • Friend: I watched glee
  • Me: Oh god I don't want to talk about that
  • Friend: Gosh, I know, it's so depressing right?
  • Me: You have no idea what I'm going through right now
  • Friend: Aww :( It's really weird though
  • Me: Why?
  • Friend: Have you watched it?
  • Me: No but I already know what happens :(
  • Friend: Well I'm starting to think that Quinn is in love with Rachel or something. HAHAHAHA!
  • Friend: Kidding! Maybe :P
  • Me: That's because Quinn IS in love with Rachel and Faberry is canon and they're soulmates!
  • Friend: Woah what?
  • Me: What?

Just why…

If there’s ever some event where you have a Q&A with Ryan Murphy, can someone please ask him why he hates Quinn so much? Please? It’ll be awesome if he’s gonna be like put on the spot. 


Anonymous said: What if, the person Quinn realizes she wants to be with is ARTIE? After they bond over being in a wheelchair.


Meanwhile at a writer's meeting...

  • Ryan: So! Ideas on how to ruin Quinn's year this season? Ian, go!
  • Ian: Get her pregnant again?
  • Ryan: Nah, I can't spare any of my boys to father the child and Puck got a vasectomy
  • Brad: Let her realize she's gay and in love with Rachel, then let Judy kick her out?
  • Ryan: Fuck no, I don't want the Faberry fans to be happy. Ever. Not even a little. And that'll make too much sense. You know how I hate sensical storylines.
  • Ian: ...uhh
  • Ryan: Oh Oh! I know! Let's hit her with a truck!
  • Brad: You're going to kill her?!
  • Ryan: No no, just permanently disable her. Who will I have left to pick on if she dies?
  • Ian: ...
  • Brad: ...
  • Ryan: Say it's a great idea!
  • Ian & Brad: IT'S A...greeaat...idea

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